The Axumite Heritage Foundation (AHF) is now on Twitter!

See the new Twitter page for the Axumite Heritage Foundation at, and tweet us at @AxumHF! Logo Axum blue


The Axumite Heritage Foundation (AHF) was established by the Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc. (ECDC) in 1993 with the aim of restoring, preserving, and promoting Axum’s ancient and modern cultural achievements. The mission of the Foundation is to establish local institutions of learning to preserve, promote, and transmit Axumite culture in particular, and Ethiopian culture in general.

The Foundation restored the former governor’s palace, the ‘Inda Nebri’id, in 2002 from its dilapidated state in the 1990’s. The palace has been serving as a library, housing many historical and education books and manuscripts, while a new library and cultural center is being constructed on the palace compound. The new building will house the permanent Axumite Heritage Library and the Institute of Axumite Studies, while the palace building will be transformed into a museum.


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